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Tube endsizing machine with
360° rotating inner fingers + tube trimming with rotating blade.
It has the feature to merge two heads in one head by slides lenghtwise and crosswise which allow the internal movements of the individual heads.
The sizing head is capable of precision sizing of tubes through numerical control and by internal fi ngers rotating of 360° and an upper and lower clamp the keep tube like external jaws. The end-trimming head is designed
for chipless cutting of straight or bent tubes,
by means of a satellite rotating wheel.
Description and Technical data

Model: DIE TR 70/2
One head with two heads internally
Sizing range: 9 mm
Cut-off length up to 90 mm
Specif closing jaws

Working unit with one head
Easier use and faster change of tool
Minimum space in your working area
Endsizing fingerset and trimming rotary blade.
Expanding and Calibration too

Cut blad and refine shape tool

Cut blade and refine shape tool

Specific closing jaws

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View Cutting and Trimming
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