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Simultaneous expanding and reducing.
Expanding, Reducing, Endsizing, Dimples, single and double Beading, Lining and Grooves on tubes by means of segmented I/O fingers and
rotary increasing programs.
Description and Technical data

Models: HH-IO-230, HH-IO-300
Working unit with one head
Tube range from ø25 mm to ø300 mm
Stainless steel tube thickness 2 mm
Endsizing length range from 170 mm to 200 mm.
Expansion range 9 mm
Reduction range 5 mm
Length varying according to diameter

Working units with one head
Easy use and quick change of tool
Minimum space in your working area
Simultaneous expading and reducing tool
Simultaneous expanding and reducing tool

A single tool that allows the expansion and reduction of tube diameters with a precision of ± 0,2 mm. Suitable to make bicones, single and double beads, dimples and other appropriate applications.

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