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Simultaneous Pressfitting and Ridge-Locking vertical mode.
As part of the new technological generation, the DPCR 1000 offers
the best answer to simultaneous pressfitting and ridge-locking need in the manufacturing of mufflers. Capacity to produce car and truck mufflers with the guarantee of the highest resistance to any applied torque.
Description and Technical data

Model: DPCR 1000
Pressfitting power 8 Ton
Ridgelocking power 257 Ton
Distance table/mace 520 mm min. 1620mm max.
Working stroke 1000 mm max.

New technological generation
Easier use and faster change of tool
Minimum space in your working area
Simultaneous Pressfitting and Ridge-Locking tool.
Simultaneous Pressfitting and Ridgelocking vertical mode

Tool details
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Quick changeover
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Versatile tool
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Mechanical adjustment of the ridge-locking expansion
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Safety sensors
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Error-proof connector for tooling
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