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A technological
core unifying
designing and
productive capacities

Industrial Manufacturing Machines designs machines for single applications as well as big robotic lines for more complex processes.

Substrate measurement and identification.
Mat weighing and identification
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Partial mat wrapping
arround substrate
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Stuffing into
the shell
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Canning/GBD/mat reducing plus
endisizing on canning extremities
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Final laser
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Data matrix
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Working cycle with size to fit lines.

Catalytic converter for exhaust systems.
Laser measurement of the ceramic substrate circumference
on 1 or more points by laser lens displacement on controlled axis.
Ceramic substrate identification by
barcode reader.
Mat weighing and mat identifi cation by barcode reader.
Mat wrapping around substrate and subsequent stuffing of both parts into the shell (stuffing up to 4 substrates per cycle).
(A) Canning orientation through camera.
(B) Canning and mat orientation through camera.
Canning/GBD/mat reducing by utilizing a single toolset on different stations plus endsizing on canning extremities
(ØA - ØB - ØC).
Final laser measurement of 3 circumference points by laser lens displacement on controlled axis.
Logo and datamatrix marking by utilizing dot peen marking technology. Extra datamatrix quality check through camera.
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Machines for complex processes
A reliable system for production of 4 substrates
An adaptable productive technological system
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